Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) engineering services

TFL Responsive Engineering offers experienced manufacturing, repair and installation services for heat recovery steam generator clients. We have previously designed, produced and installed large ducting, panels and equipment for HRSG power stations, such as a two insulated plug measuring 12 metres long by 3.2 metres in diameter for a plant on an oil rig in the bay of Thailand. The plugs were manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel, welded to ASME 1X standards.

We take all necessary steps to build excellent relationships with our clients. We provide a responsive, turnkey service which includes HRSG project management and even the sourcing of specialised engineers. We are very deadline-conscious and will go to great lengths to ensure your schedules are met to your complete satisfaction.

Each of TFL's engineers holds a Passport to Safety and has had additional training for hazardous, difficult or specialised environments.